To create the mindset of success and clear negative mind patterns in one go, you need a 'psychological surgeon'.

What is psychological surgery?

Dr Nick Krasner has coined this phrase because patterns of behaviour and beliefs are created and are stored in specific areas of the brain. The process is about getting straight to those inciting moments in our lives and changing them to what we want them to be. The same can be done with our potential future. The process is targeted and altered in a way a surgeon would work physically (no actual surgery is performed).

The process and its goals:

Imagine that we are a hot air balloon and we really want to be elsewhere. The process is creating the elsewhere exactly as you have dreamed it to be and having it in your sub conscious mind so that the journey’s route unfolds before you. Often the Balloon is tethered to the ground by old patterns of thinking and so the process involves finding and cutting these ropes away.

Dr Nick Krasner

The actual process:

  • The ropes holding your journey back are created in moments often as a child. In the same way a juke box replays CD’s again and again so does the mind. An emotional journey returns you to that moment and we re-program’ that and other issues within the sub conscious.

  • The future is created when the mind is clear, so that what you want becomes obvious. This is put into the sub conscious as if it has already happened.

  • A meditation tape is created specific to the individual, which works best if listened to every day for at least 30 days. This usually lasts approximately 20 minutes.

The whole process can take from between 2 hours to 4 hours. The aim is that only one session is required and is reinforced by the meditation, which you can keep for life.

Dr Nick Krasner combines the conventional aspects of being a medical doctor, with his passions for the power of the mind and creativity.

He qualified at Liverpool medical school in 1992 and following training in the UK, Australia and New Zealand became a GP in 1998, whereby he increased his understanding of how the mind and body interacted. Complemented to this he gained a Master’s in Sports Medicine at University College London and became doctor at Barnet FC and a lecturer at the same college. His leanings over the last 10 years also included inner child work, cognitive behavioural therapy and the Educo-system of subconscious programming.

Working with a targeted approach to discover harmful belief structures and by creating the belief structures in tune with happiness and success, Dr Krasner pioneered the technique of ‘psychological surgery’. This he has used to great success in the sports world, for TV producers and actors and business men.

His creativity has led him to both the film world, with writing the kodak film festival finalist film ‘card’s on the table’ and the much loved children’s book, ‘Oozing medical poems for kids’. He has been a stand up comedian and poet. He is a medical expert on sky sport’s news and is in the process of bringing out his new book on depression and how the mind works entitled, ‘Opening the Curtains’.

Dr Nick Krasner’s vision

Is that by understanding how the mind works and in being in control of its thought processes, will lead people to effortlessly creating the lives they want to lead. With the correct mindsets, goals become passionate, actions become obvious and this creates happier, healthier and fulfilled people.

By virtue of being in charge of our mindsets, there will be a positive approach to depression and use of the mind in helping healing and preventing injury and illness will become common place.

What is the process be used for?

  • Sports teams and Performers (actors, dancers, singers)
  • Creating a new beginning
  • Businesses
  • Recurrent illness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships (established and creating new ones)

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